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About Nevermore

The guild known today as “Nevermore” was originally founded on the Warsong server and moved to Gurubashi when the queues to log into Warsong were too long.  While on Gurubashi, we maintained our position as one of the most tight knit and longest lasting guilds on the server.  Due to a dwindling population on Gurubashi, we have now moved on to Stormreave where we hope to continue to hold our same guild values while meeting new faces and making new friends.  Many of our core members have gamed together in this and previous MMO’s for well over a decade and, because of this, we have been able to develop a family atmosphere that has become an intergral part of our guild.

We are not looking for the UBER ELITE IMA PWN YER FACE players that so badly infest the WoW populace.  NO, we won’t pay you a salary of gold if you come join us and you’re not going to have a chariot waiting in Orgrimmar to whisk you off to our raids.  We don’t pamper players and we dont like to be pampered.  We are about moving forward as a team.  We don’t worship the damage meters, we don’t slap healers around for overhealing.  But we do expect our raiders to put forth their best efforts.  If the boss is dead, that’s all that really matters.  We support one another both in and out of raids, and we don’t care for players who are centered on only themselves.

We like to have fun.  It’s not uncommon for half our raid to be tipsy on a Friday night.  We dance crazy monkey dances to the cake song.  But when it comes to pushing new content, we know when it’s time to buckle up, get serious, and put on our game faces.  When needed, our raid leaders can be strict, but never overbearing, never disrespectful.

While we don’t claim to be the first to down new content, our core members make steady and sustainable progress through game content.  For the most part we are a mature guild and while we don’t set age limits, we do require our members to maintain a high level of maturity.  Our name and sever have changed over time but the relationships built and team atmosphere that makes this guild such a great place to play is still alive and well.  We encourage other like-minded gamers to join us on our journey through the online world and perhaps make some new friends IRL in the process.

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Congratulations everyone!

by Britain_Nevermore, 1767 days ago

Long-time member and leader of Nevermore, Dice finally gets his shadowy hands on Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest late Wednesday night, February 1st of 2012!

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Click inside the video frame or follow the link below! Enjoy!

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Rag Down...

by Lrah, 1900 days ago

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Baleroc Dead

by Lrah, 1950 days ago

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Lord Rhyolith Down...

by Lrah, 1957 days ago

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